Jung Double Screw Pump Seminar

Jung Double Screw Pump Seminar

The seminar was held on the 3rd and 4th of April at our Barcelona offices and was broadcasted to all TDF Group delegations worldwide. This intensive training was conducted by José Antonio Rodriguez, head of TDF’s central and south Spain, and Oscar Aguirre, TDF’s sales manager in the same area.

It was a very interesting seminar in which the functioning, applications and advantages of the Jung HYGHSPIN pumps were discussed in depth.

Jung, distributed by TDF Group since 2009, offers high quality pumps suitable for almost any application. This is possible due to its versatility, high flexibility in terms of viscosity and volumetric flow, as well as its ability to pump products containing up to 60% of air.

Jung HYGHSPIN is a positive displacement pump that saves time and money thanks to its duality, the pump allows both the production process and CIP or SIP cleaning (without the need for another pump or bypass). Moreover, its versatility must be considered as it allows pumping different products and viscosities with the same pump.


TDF Madrid’s sales department

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