Dosing Pumps Seminar

Dosing Pumps Seminar

In TDF Group we have conducted an internal training on dosing technology and pumps, held on 26 and 27 June in our Barcelona headquarters and broadcasted live to other delegations worldwide. This seminar was carried out by our Technical Director, Diego Palomeque.


The training has deepened in the field of dosing, in which TDF Group has been a market leader for more than 40 years. During the seminar, as well as explaining the technical dosing concepts, various models of dosing pumps were discussed in depth, detailing the most relevant features and characteristics, the advantages and differences they offer among themselves and their most common applications. This part of the seminar has focused on the following pumps:

  • Membrane Metering Pumps (JESCO)
  • Membrane Metering Pumps (HydraCell)
  • Peristaltic Pumps (Qdos)
  • Metal Gear Pumps (Varisco and Tuthill)
  • PFA Coated Gear Pumps (Liquiflo)

The training followed with information related to our dosing skids, in which these top-of-the-range metering pumps are commonly used by our systems division. TDF Systems specialises in the design, development and installation of systems and offers high quality comprehensive solutions for dosing, transfer and filtration. Specifically, in this training, three systems manufactured for Achema 2018 have been shown, incorporating 4.0 systems that allow processes to be controlled and visualized remotely through a mobile device or tablet.

  • Dosing skid Jesco
  • Boulton agitator
  • Skid with Pan World pump

After the event, all the participants agreed on the importance of the topics covered and the quality of the contents presented in the seminar. The practical nature of the training was also highlighted, since it was possible to work directly with numerous high-quality dosing pumps and equipment.



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