Boulton’s Pneumatic Mixer from TDF Systems

Boulton's Pneumatic Mixer from TDF Systems

Boulton’s pneumatic mixer has been specially designed for mixing fluids and improving the mixing process through superior dispersion of settled solids, achieving fast and efficient mixing of all fluids. This efficiency results into a shorter mixing process time that allows a uniform dispersion of the solids without causing any damage to their molecular structure.



Its design consists of 5 blades mounted in the opposite direction to the standard, whose purpose is to attract the sedimented solids from the bottom of the container. It is recommended for processes where the solids content is less than the specific weight of the liquid. The mixing speed can be adjusted according to the needs of each product.

The mixer is designed with the highest quality standards, manufactured with stainless steel materials and 2 HP, 3 HP or 4 HP motors. In order to offer a complete system, the mixer is available in several versions:

  • Standard mixer
  • Standard double mixer
  • Thin line mixer
  • Double thin line mixer

TDF Systems, in collaboration with Boulton Group, has manufactured this agitator to provide solutions for industries that need to mix solid products in suspension. It covers a wide range of applications such as the paint and varnish industry, general industry, detergents, household products, etc.

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